Stage-Door Theatre Company is run by the Members and the Committee.

The Current committee members are as follows:-
Honorary Life President              Mike Gearing
Chairman                                            Alan Moss
Secretary & Patrons                     Chris Moss
Treasurer                                            Tony Makey
Publicity                                              Micki Darbyshire
Stage Management                      Gary Boniface
Members Representative          Andrea White

Are you interested in the world of theatre and would like to get involved? If so a warm welcome awaits anyone interested in joining Stage-Door Theatre Company

Their are opportunity’s to be involved with any of our 3 annual productions, whether you are interested in acting, directing, lighting, sound, set building or any aspect of production there are also regular social events so there is something for everyone.

Membership Costs are as follows:-
Adult members £20 per Annum,    Junior members £10 per Annum.

Show fees
Adult members £10 for each production they appear in
Junior members £5 for each production they appear in.

If you would like to join, please give Alan  a call on 01903 856801.

The society has always valued the regular support provided by our patrons.
In recognition, they receive advanced booking facilities, complimentary tickets for our three productions each year.

They are also welcome to join us at any of our social functions and to our Annual General Meeting held on the second Wednesday in January and receive our regular newsletters.

If you wish to become a patron it’s just £30 per person per year please
give Chris a call on 01903 856 801